Glocal Summer School Program 2019 in Tokyo Tech


A 3-day intensive training program in problem solving and creative idea to solve world-scale problems for approximately 40 graduate school students (from doctoral, master's degree program and professional master's degree program), international exchange students and individual workers, with different academic or professional background.

"Glocal" is new internationalization viewpoint that develops an excellent technology and idea from a local scale to a global scale.

This program, titled "Design for Humanity - Eat to Delight" focuses on how to materialize closeness to person and how to develop an individual's invention to worldwide innovation.

Participating graduate students from doctoral and master's programs in mixed group, through discussions, activities, modeling, and poster presentation, can acquire the ability of leadership, interdisciplinary knowledge, and communication, not only to lead a team as a researcher or an entrepreneur but also to create a collaboration, to establish networks with researchers in other specialties and to understand the extraprofessional knowledge and a new viewpoint by cultural exchange.

On the final day, each team will participate in poster presentation. Teams with reasonable proposals will receive an award.

Monday, September 2, 2019 - Wednesday, September 4, 2019
W933, 3F, West Bldg. 9, Ookayama West Area, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Approximately 40 persons

Who can participate for the 3 days from morning to afternoon.

Graduate Student (Master's Program, Professional Master's Degree Program, and Doctoral Program), Research Student*, Special Auditing Student**, International Exchange Student*

About detail, see the Application Guide.
Application Deadline
Wednesday, July 31, 2019. Before 17:00.
*Deadline date may be extended if we have vacant seats
Application Method

(one credit of Liberal Arts Courses)

LAH.C619: Glocal Doctor Japan Y1, (for students in doctoral program)

LAH.A541: Glocal Japan Y1, (for students in master's degree program and professional master's degree program)


Contents each day may change.
Monday, September 2
Opening Remarks, General Instruction, Team Building, Special Lectures
Tuesday, September 3
Workshop, Team Activity for Final Presentation
Wednesday, September 4
Preparation, Final Presentation, Award for Team, , Certification

Special lecturers

  • Sonoko TANAKA
    Sonoko TANAKA
  • Eiji KATO
    Eiji KATO
  • Sumio ISHII
    Sumio ISHII
Monday, September 2

Lecture1: Sonoko TANAKA

Founder of Solco, Tokyo Tech alumna

Lecture2: Eiji KATO

HANZOYA owner chef, producer of Soulage(French menu for people with swallowing difficulty)

Tuesday, September 3

Lecture3: Sumio ISHII

SECOM Co.,Ltd. Researcher, Meal Support Robot MySpoon®

Guests & Referees

Junichi IMURA

Junichi IMURA, Vice President for Teaching and Learning

Open Seminar: (Language Japanese (Free))

Monday, September 2
Enjoyable meal after swallowing difficulties by Mr. KATO, on 2nd September 2019 Noon at Room W934, 3 September 12:00-12:40

Glocal Summer School Program 2019 in Tokyo Tech Poster

Glocal Summer School Program 2019 in Tokyo Tech Poster


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