[Postponed] Tokyo Tech Academy for Super Smart Society Opening Ceremony


At Tokyo Institute of Technology, due to concern about the spread of novel coronavirus, we are postponing the event.

Since the end of January, the Institute has been taking measures against the spread of coronavirus. Faculty, staff, and students returning to Japan from or via Mainland China (including Hong Kong and Macau; the same will apply hereafter) must stay home for two weeks whether they have coronavirus symptoms or not. However, the domestic infection route has not been clearly identified. As we are expecting many people to attend this event from within and outside the campus, and for the safety of all participants concerned, we have decided to postpone the event.

Update : February 28, 2020

Tokyo Tech Academy for Super Smart Society has been launched in December, 2019 and the new program called WISE (World-leading Innovative & Smart Education) program for Super Smart Society will start in April, 2020.

We will conduct an Opening Ceremony on March 11, 2020 to celebrate the founding of the new academy and to introduce our new program.

Please join us for the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Tech Academy for Super Smart Society!

Wednesday, March 11, 2020 13:30- (Open from 12:30)

Please apply at the website by February 26.

For students and faculties of TokyoTech

For General

Tokyo Tech Academy for Super Smart Society Opening Ceremony flier


TTA for Super Smart Society Secretariat


This article has been updated to add a delay notic on February 28.

Update : May 17, 2022