Giving to Tokyo Tech

Donating to Tokyo Tech for its education and research activities.

Donating to the Tokodai Kikin Fund

Who can give? Tokyo Tech welcomes the contributions of all who support the purpose of the fund.

Tokodai Kikin was created in 2008 as one of the initiatives to commemorate the 130th anniversary of Tokyo Tech. Its purpose is to strengthen the long-term financial base of the Institute in support of its efforts to become the leading science and engineering university in the world. Tokodai Kikin's activities center on Tokyo Tech's three core operations: education, research and the betterment of society.

Tokodai Kikin (Japanese)

Making a Donation

Who can give? Private companies and individuals are invited to make donations.

Designate a Tokyo Tech faculty member or researcher as the recipient of your donation in order to promote education and research at the Institute in an area of interest to you. Your donation will contribute to the betterment of society through Tokyo Tech's educational and research results.


Giving to Tokyo Tech