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Tokyo Institute of Technology Fund

About the fund

When celebrating its 130th anniversary, the Institute set up the Tokyo Institute of Technology Fund (Tokyo Tech Fund) to reinforce its financial base that would support strategic management. Since then, the Tokyo Tech Fund has provided support for various scholarships, study-abroad programs, and international students coming to the Institute. In addition, it has supported the promotion of science education as well as young researchers by providing them with large research grants. With the aim of being recognized among the world's top 10 research universities by 2030, the 150th anniversary of its establishment, Tokyo Institute of Technology is hastening its reform efforts with regard to education and research. We would like to ask for your support in the steady development and strive toward success of said reforms.

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  • In August 2018

    9,539,589 yen

  • Total in FY2018

    120,297,252 yen

As of August 31, 2018

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Use of the Tokyo Tech Fund

  • Education

    • Producing master's degree graduates who will thrive in a global society
    • Producing doctoral degree graduates who will become the world's top-level researchers and leaders
  • Research

    • Globally recognized research findings and innovations
    • Enhancement of research through system and infrastructure development
  • Social contribution

    • Giving back to society through efforts in education and research
  • Global

    • Development of a framework for international education and an environment conducive to research

Examples of fund use

The Tokyo Tech Fund supports the promotion of science education, the creative/voluntary activities of students, and distinguished projects that stimulate unique research activities.

  • New fund

    Yoshinori Ohsumi Fund

    Yoshinori Ohsumi Fund

    After Honorary Professor Yoshinori Ohsumi was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2016, a fund was set up in his name with the goal of fostering talented individuals who will help in the sustainable development of Japan in the future. The fund will be used to support students in need of financial help and provide research support to young researchers.

    • Education
    • Research
  • Entrepreneurship education support

    Entrepreneurship education support

    For those with entrepreneurship education or training from Tokyo Tech, support will be provided to transform student business plans into startups. This fund helps students develop an entrepreneurial mindset and encourages them to express their own ideas to the world through their businesses.

    • Education
  • Scholarships


    Many people with ties to Tokyo Tech including alumni, company and organization representatives, or family members of said individuals who are deceased, have made donations to the Tokyo Tech Fund that are to be used as scholarship money.

    • Education
  • Studying abroad

    Studying abroad

    Tokyo Tech has various programs, some of which are supported by the Tokyo Tech Fund, which provide opportunities for our students to study abroad or for international students to come and study at the Institute.

    • Global
  • Support for student clubs

    Support for student clubs

    The Tokyo Tech Fund provides transportation and other costs to ten official extracurricular clubs that have exhibited excellence by winning local competitions and going on to participate in national or international tournaments.

    • Education
  • Researcher support

    Researcher support

    We provide large-scale grants to young researchers whose work could potentially become a theme for national projects in the future and to those who have achieved distinguished results in fundamental science. The fund is designed to support these rising stars of the next generation.

    • Research
  • Science education support

    Science education support

    The Tokyo Tech Fund's social contribution includes support for activities and events that nurture the intellectual creativity of elementary, junior high, and high school students, who will ultimately forge the future of Japan. This promotion of science education intends to help expand the horizons of our future monotsukuri* operatives ? designers, inventors, and engineers.

    * Literally "manufacturing, craftsmanship, making things by hand", but also conveys having a particular state of mind; the spirit to produce not only excellent products but also have the ability to constantly improve production systems and processes thereof.

    • Social contribution
  • TAIST-Tokyo Tech

    TAIST-Tokyo Tech

    TAIST-Tokyo Tech was established in cooperation with the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) in Thailand and Thai partner universities to offer a joint master's degree program. The aim is to form research and development centers, and produce highly-skilled individuals in the fields of science and technology.

    • Global
  • BioCon for high school students

    BioCon for high school students

    Organized by the School of Life Science and Technology's student club "Bio Creative Staff", BioCon ? also known as "bio-creativity contest" ? is a competition for high school students in which they develop learning materials relating to biology for elementary and middle school students. This practical science education program is a significant contribution to society as it revitalizes local communities and creates a continuing tradition of applied learning.

    • Social contribution
  • Nursery at Tokyo Tech

    Nursery at Tokyo Tech

    To appeal to the international mindset and help overseas researchers and students to come to Japan with peace of mind, we offer a nursery on campus to assist those in need. It aids in preserving continuing education and research, allowing Tokyo Tech researchers and students to resume their work and studies after childbirth and maternity/paternity leave.

    • Global

Inquiries regarding donations

Fund Office, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Email bokin@jim.titech.ac.jp

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