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Leading Graduate Schools

Tokyo Institute of Technology, responding to societal demands as well as those from industry, government and academia, has created four highly competitive graduate programs or academies within its graduate schools to cultivate the skills necessary for students to prepare themselves to become leaders in our global community. These academies, requiring a variety of coursework, seminars, domestic training and international internships, in addition to a student's regular departmental requirements for a graduate degree, place an emphasis on leadership, international communication, and interdisciplinary innovation for tackling global issues. Selected applicants are eligible to receive special financial support to alleviate obstacles to the successful completion of the program, which will result in a certificate or note on the student's transcript. Students also receive substantial career support and mentorship thanks to the active participation of leaders in industry and government. Tokyo Tech's four academies (Academy for Global Leadership,Academy for Co-creative Education of Environment and Energy Science,Education Academy of Computational Life Sciences,Academy for Global Nuclear Safety and Security Agent) have been selected as Leading Graduate Schools by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).*

Note: The Academy for Co-creative Education of Environment and Energy Science,Education Academy of Computational Life Sciences, and Academy for Global Nuclear Safety and Security Agent closed their operations in the AY 2017‒18 with the end of MEXTʼs funding period. However, curriculums of these academies continue to be offered at the Institute under educational programs by the same names.

MEXT Program for Leading Graduate Schools

MEXT's Program for Leading Graduate Schools supports graduate schools that strive to create potential leaders who are capable of and disposed to take action on the global stage across a spectrum of platforms in industry, government, and academia by developing the creativity of their best and brightest students and instilling in them the ability to approach issues from various perspectives. This program aims to build and develop degree programs with an interdisciplinary, integrated master's and doctoral degree that are quality assured and globally recognized. Outstanding leaders in industry, government, and academia have joined in these efforts to bring together first-rate faculty and students from inside and outside Japan.

In selecting graduate schools to support, MEXT sought graduate programs that foster the growth of the following three strengths in potential future leaders:

  • (1)
    The strength to courageously engage in global action based on a solid foundation of values while working cooperatively with others
  • (2)
    The strength to discern issues independently, build hypotheses, and employ one's knowledge to address issues with originality
  • (3)
    The strength to take a distanced perspective and see through to the essence of matters on the basis of highly developed professionalism and internationalism as well as breadth of knowledge

Degree programs are classified as one of three types according to the human resources they are intended to develop and the kinds of issues they will address. The three types are the all-around type (for cultivating leaders who will tackle global issues by applying their all-around knowledge and skills), the interdisciplinary type (for cultivating leaders who will create novel innovations in interdisciplinary fields), and the unique type (for cultivating leaders who will address issues in a field in which the university has particularly strong educational resources).

Measures Taken at Tokyo Institute of Technology

Tokyo Institute of Technology, building on its excellence in science and engineering, is taking measures to develop outstanding leaders who possess the above strengths in its four academies. For specific details on each program, including applications, screening, curriculum requirements and more, please click on the following links.

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Academy for Co-creative Education of Environment and Energy Science 外部リンク
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Education Academy of Computational Life Sciences外部リンク
<Interdisciplinary type (bioscience and health fields)>
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