Prospective Students

For Prospective Graduate Students Enrolling in April 2016


Published: May 15, 2014

Please be informed that Tokyo Tech education reforms to be implemented in April 2016 will not affect the entrance examinations for prospective students enrolling in April 2016.

Entrance examinations will be conducted by existing graduate schools and departments until the summer of 2015. However, following Institute education reforms, new graduate schools and departments will be in place at the time of enrollment in April 2016 (details to be announced in August 2014).
Information on new graduate schools and departments in relation to those existing will be provided in the graduate school application guides for the October 2015 and April 2016 admission periods.
There will be no significant changes in subjects, contents or schedule of the entrance examinations or enrollment limits.
Note: Graduate students enrolling in October 2015 will be admitted to existing departments and graduate schools.

Update : May 15, 2014