[Online] ASPIRE Forum Student Workshop


Published: May 10, 2022

In conjunction with the annual forum, a student exchange program, "Student Workshop" will be held online this summer. Participants will attend lectures with the theme " Post Pandemic: Technologies for Sustainable Living ." In teams comprised of student counterparts from ASPIRE League member universities, participants will develop group presentations related to the workshop to the ASPIRE League's Vice Presidents on the final day of the ASPIRE Forum.

Date & Time

July 4-7, 2022


Online (Zoom, Slack, Miro)


Post Pandemic: Technologies for Sustainable Living



Application Submission

(1) Program Application Form *A copy of an email showing your academic supervisor’s agreement is acceptable. (You do not need to obtain the supervisor’s signature or seal.)
(2) Copy of official transcripts *Students enrolled in April 2022 need to submit a copy of transcripts from his/her previous program. *The copy of your GRADES LIST from the Tokyo Tech Web System is acceptable.
(3) Certification of English language ability *Certification is not required of IGP students


Planning and Coordination Group,
International Engagement Division

Email aspiretokyotech@jim.titech.ac.jp
Tel 03-5734-3016