ASPIRE Forum Student Workshop

Last Updated 2023/05/19


In conjunction with the annual ASPIRE forum, a student exchange program, "Student Workshop" will be held this summer.
Participants will attend lectures and workshops with the theme

" Technology and Stewardship for Sustainable Global Future ".
This year, the first half of the program will be conducted online from June 28 to 30(participate from Japan) , and the second half will be held at KAIST (South Korea) from July 2 to 4, with group work with participating students from ASPIRE League member universities.
On the final day, each group will give a presentation.


1. Tokyo Tech graduate students
2. Able to communicate in English on the program theme "Technology and Stewardship for Sustainable Global Future"
3. Passionate about communicating with students from ASPIRE League
member universities


KAIST(South Korea)


June 28-July 4, 2023

 First half 6/28-6/30: Online(Zoom/Slack/Miro)

 Second half 7/2-7/4: KAIST (South Korea)

Call for Application

Number of nominees

5 students (will be recommended to KAIST by Tokyo Tech.)


*Necessary expenses paid by participant*
Travel expenses, travel insurance, local transportation,

and other expenses for personal activities.

*Local accommodations*

  1) Arrangements: Arranged by KAIST

  2) Accommodation expenses: KAIST will bear the costs.

  3) Accommodation: 3 nights and 4 days (check-in July 2 - check-out July 5)

  4) Others: KAIST will notify each participant of the location

of his/her local accommodation after his/her participation is confirmed.


A stipend to cover some expenses may be provided by Tokyo Tech after returning to Japan.

The students who receive financial aid from programs that do not permit funding from other sources (e.g., recipients of MEXT Scholarship students, recipients of overseas government scholarships, etc.) are not eligible.

Date of interview

online interviews : May 24 (9:00-10:00am) *Note : The date and time of this online interview cannot be changed.*

Application procedure

(1) Program Application Form


*A copy of an email showing your academic supervisor’s agreement is acceptable.

(You do not need to obtain the supervisor’s signature or seal.)

(2) Copy of official transcripts

*Students enrolled in April 2023 need to submit a copy of transcripts from his/her previous


*The copy of your GRADES LIST from the Tokyo Tech Web System is acceptable.

(3) Certification of English language ability

*Certification is not required of IGP students

Fill out and submit the application form, along with a copy of an English test

score and a copy of an email or other document in which your academic supervisor or

department chair has approved your application and participation

via Box File Request.

**Please include your full name in the file name of all submitted files.

(e.g., [John TOKO_Application Form_ASPIRE FORUM 2023 Student Workshop])

Upload from Box File Request:

[Closed] Box File Request


*International students*

International students may be required to obtain a visa.
After receiving a notification of acceptance from Tokyo Tech, you should immediately contact the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Japan to find out if you need to apply for a visa.
If a visa is required,you must apply for the visa yourself.
Please understand that you will not be able to participate in this program if you cannot obtain a visa in time for your departure date.

Screening procedure

Applicants who pass the document screening will have an online interview on Wednesday, May 24, 9:00-10:00


Contact: International Engagement DivisionTokyo Tech ASPIRE Team

Tel: 03-5734-3016


Friday, May 19, 17:00

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