Procedures for Study Abroad

Procedures for Study Abroad

This page provides information on procedures for overseas study.
Please contact the International Student Exchange Division for more information.


International Student Exchange Division, Tokyo Tech


Overseas travel insurance

All students who travel overseas for educational or research activities are requested to purchase the Overseas Travel Insurance designated by Tokyo Tech.

*For departures from April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021


All students who travel overseas for educational or research activities

Insurance outline

Apply for insurance

Please ask the staff members in charge of your program for the application procedure.
For those who do not participate in study abroad program by Tokyo tech, please contact International Student Exchange Division.

Plans and pricing (Internal)

Deadline for payment

Up to 2 weeks before departure

Risk and crisis management service
(by Japan IR&C)

Applied (paid by university expenses)

NOTE: Students who are eligible to apply to Tokyo Tech for coverage of travel fees, please contact the school office you are affiliated with for the application procedure.

For inquiries regarding the insurance or application, please contact E-CALLS, Inc. (Insurance agent)


E-CALLS, Inc. Customer Center


For information on safe overseas study:


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