Prospective Students

Reference Information for Those Coming to Japan as GSEP Students(MEXT Scholarship)

Here you will find the reference information you will need after passing the exam.

If you are enrolling as a privately funded students at Tokyo Tech, please refer to “Reference Information for Those Coming to Japan as GSEP Students(Privately Funded).”

1. Tuition and Fees

Your enrollment and tuition fees will be automatically waived by Tokyo Tech.

In addition, after receiving and confirming your intention to enroll, Tokyo Tech will inform you about refunding your application fee.

2. Visa

Only MEXT Scholarship Students living in their home countries may obtain a student visa under the expedited process.

Note: If youareliving in a thirdcountry (neither yourhome country nor Japan),you will need to apply for a Certificate of Eligibility (COE),which is required for student visa applications. Please contact the International Student Exchange Division.

3. Air Ticket*

*Further details will be announced later.
MEXT will provide you with a one-way economy class air ticket to Narita or Haneda Airport in Japan from the international airport closest to your residence in the country of your nationality. Please note that your ticket will be issued only for a route departing from the airport indicated in your application.
Tokyo Tech or a travel agency designated by MEXT will contact you in March about the arrangements for your ticket, so please do not reserve flights by yourself. Once you decide the details of your itinerary, such as departure/arrival dates, you will not be able to change them without the approval of MEXT and Tokyo Tech.

You must arrive in Japan between April 1 and April 7 for your airfare to be covered by MEXT. If you will be staying in a Tokyo Tech dormitory, you will probably not be able to check in on a Saturday, Sunday, or national holiday.

Note that the key dates mentioned above are merely a basic guide.

As each dormitory sets its own check-in desk schedule, please check the information for your specific dormitory when allocations are announced in March.

As proof for MEXT of your arrival in Japan, you will be requested to submit boarding pass stubs to Tokyo Tech's Student Support Division, so please keep them. You will be held responsible for the airfare if you do not submit them.
Please further note that your travel grant does not cover applicable taxes and fees incurred en route (such as airport tax, local sales tax, etc.), and they will be your responsibility.

4. Housing

Tokyo Tech offers off-campus dormitories to newly arrived international students.
Staff from the Department of Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering will contact you about the procedure.

5. Stipend

Your first stipend from MEXT will be transferred to your Japan Post Bank account in mid May at the earliest. Therefore, it is suggested that you bring at least JPY 150,000 to cover various expenses during your first 6 to 8 weeks in Japan.

Guidance on opening a bank account will be provided by the Student Support Division.

6. Prevention of Infectious Diseases

To manage the risk of infectious diseases at the Institute, international students (including those from other domestic universities, technical colleges, and Japanese language schools) who have passed the entrance exam, are required to submit a health certificate signed by a physician during the three months before enrollment.
Please refer to "Measures to help control infection for international students."