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Ronaldo S. Gallardo of DLSU elected Tokyo Tech Fellow


Published: January 24, 2020

On December 6, 2019, the Institute's Board of Directors elected Tokyo Tech Philippines Office Advisor Ronaldo S. Gallardo of De La Salle University (DLSU) as a Tokyo Tech Fellow. Office Director and Global Scientific Information Center Professor Shin-ya Nishizaki presented Gallardo with a certificate in Manila on December 13.

Tokyo Tech Fellow Gallardo (left) and Philippines Office Director Nishizaki

Tokyo Tech Fellow Gallardo (left) and Philippines Office Director Nishizaki

Since the establishment of the Tokyo Tech Philippines Office on the campus of DLSU in Manila in September 2005, Gallardo has been instrumental in supporting Tokyo Tech's many activities in the Philippines. He has cooperated in the management of the Tokyo Tech Philippines Office, supported inbound and outbound exchange programs between Tokyo Tech and DLSU, promoted research exchanges between Tokyo Tech and the Philippines, and supported the activities of the Association of Tokyo Tech Alumni and Research Scholars (ATTARS), the Tokyo Tech alumni network in the island nation.

At DLSU, Gallardo has served in various roles over the years, including as associate vice president, associate vice chancellor, and technical advisor in the Office of the President and Chancellor.

Gallardo was awarded the title of Tokyo Tech Fellow in recognition of his years of dedicated service to the Tokyo Tech Philippines Office. He is the second to receive this honor, following Tsinghua University Professor Xinhui Xing, who was elected a Tokyo Tech Fellow in October 2019.

Nishizaki expressed appreciation for Gallardo's ongoing cooperation in education and research activities as a member of Team Tokyo Tech. He added, "We look forward to his further efforts to deepen cooperation between Tokyo Tech and the Philippines."


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