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Research video: The wonderful world of ultra-small containers: Supramolecules


Published: March 24, 2020

When certain nano-sized molecules have the ability to bind together loosely and encapsulate other molecules in nanospace, a supramolecule forms. Though the word may be unfamiliar, supramolecules are actually supporting our lives in many different ways.

Their intriguing characteristics, abilities, and applications are illustrated in this 5-minute video, which also highlights the findings in "An antiaromatic-walled nanospaceouter", published in October 2019 in Nature. Assistant Professor Masahiro Yamashina of the School of Science teamed up with Professor Jonathan Nitschke at the University of Cambridge and others in this research. Further details about their discovery can also be found on Tokyo Tech News "Creating a nanospace like no other".

Video title: The wonderful world of ultra-small containers "supramolecules"

The video was produced in English and has selectable Japanese and English subtitles.

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