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Ten things prospective international students should know

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    Over 135 years of history in world-class research

    Ten Things Prospective International Students Should Know

    Tokyo Tech has the longest history among science and technology universities in Japan. For over 135 years, it has continuously generated innovation. In the QS World University Rankings 2019, Tokyo Tech was ranked number three in the country. Tokyo Tech is always at the forefront of the technology giant that is Japan. This is where history and innovation meet.

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    Unique, first-rate researchers

    Unique, First-Rate Researchers

    Tokyo Tech's cutting-edge research makes it a leader, not only Japan, but in the world. The Institute's faculty members, leading researchers in their fields, continue to produce globally significant results year after year, never ceasing to inspire the intellectual curiosity of students. Performing research alongside the world's best researchers - what more could you ask for?

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    Latest equipment for your research

    Latest Equipment for your Research

    Science and technology students often wonder how extensive the facilities and research equipment at a university are. Tokyo Tech is equipped with a library filled with science and technology literature, world-class supercomputers, and state-of-the-art equipment in laboratories. Many international students say Tokyo Tech's fully equipped research facilities are the main reason they chose to come here. By joining us, you can immerse yourself in your research while having access to the world's most advanced equipment.

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    Wide range of study programs

    Wide Range of Study Programs

    Tokyo Tech has a variety programs for international students, and a wide range of scholarships are available. The Institute has special programs for students of partner universities and a gamut of choices to support your studies. Whether you are looking for short-term study or a full degree, Tokyo Tech can provide the international study program that is perfect for you.

    International Study Programs

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    Active laboratory life — your first step as a researcher

    Active Laboratory Life — Your First Step as a Researcher

    In graduate schools in Japan, students in master's and doctoral programs affiliate themselves with laboratories. This is where you can start to build strong relationships with your mentors, who are never far away, and with your fellow students. You will also have your own personal desk. This environment, which enables you to truly concentrate on your research, has been highly rated by many international students. Find your laboratory, and take your first steps as a researcher!

    Life in the Lab

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    Doctoral program with a high international student ratio

    Doctoral Program with a High International Student Ratio

    Graduate schools in Japan are known for their low rate of international students. However, this is not so at Tokyo Tech. One in every three is an overseas student — 36 percent of students in the doctoral degree program, and 17 percent in the master's degree program (as of May 1, 2018). Whether you need to discuss your research, share the new experiences that Japan provides, or just ask for advice, your fellow international students are always there to support you.

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    Life on campus in the one and only Tokyo

    Life on Campus in the One And Only Tokyo

    The Tokyo Tech campuses are located in the central area of Tokyo, a truly cosmopolitan city. Hop on the train to Shibuya, the trend-setting melting pot of youth culture, or Shinjuku, one of the mega-cities within Tokyo, and feel the different subsets of Japanese culture firsthand. The campuses themselves are surrounded by green, allowing you to apply yourself to research in a nature-filled, relaxing atmosphere. On a sunny day at the Ookayama Campus, you can enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji.

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    Fellow students from around the world

    Fellow Students From Around the World

    Students with high aspirations come to Tokyo Tech from all over the world. Meeting fellow students from various countries and backgrounds will allow you to grow, diversify, and find value in new things. Especially popular with international students is the International Communications Space HUB-ICSouter , where you will hear conversations in English and many other languages. Student associations such as SAGEouter and TISAouter actively promote international events and provide support for international students.

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    Excellent support system

    Excellent Support System

    Many students are very interested in studying in Japan, but are concerned about the different language and culture. Although Japan is famous worldwide for its cleanliness and safety, many worry about actually living here. Tokyo Tech provides a support system where faculty members and students work together to support international students. With detailed orientation, a peer-support system, various consultation counters and much more, the Institute is proud to provide hospitality from the heart.

    Support for International Students

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    Wider career options

    Wider Career Options

    International students who have studied at Tokyo Tech garner the attention of successful companies and organizations. Many international students are employed by top-rated manufacturers from Japan and around the world. Other students have gone on to work on societal infrastructure in the fields of telecommunications and construction. It is evident that study at Tokyo Tech is highly valued. Join us, and your future opportunities will only increase.

    Career Options for International Students


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