Call for applications: Future Creation Challenge (Submission deadline: Wednesday, July 20)

A great opportunity to win one-million-yen in support for your project!


We encourage you to bring your ideas and thoughts to life, no matter how small they are. We support your creative challenges; the first step in bringing your ideas and thoughts toward realization. The experience of transforming these ideas to their beginning stages of reality during your campus life will lead you to perform outstandingly in your field in the future. We recommend you to consider this opportunity and apply!

This recruitment is for the second term of this project.

Application submission deadline:

July 20,2022

Period of support:

September 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023


1. Up to one-million-yen in financial support per project.
If the applicant wishes to continue his/her project in the following year, he/she may, in addition to applying for this year, apply during the call for applications for the following year. In principle, the use of the support fund is limited to necessary items (in principle, consumables.), travel expenses, and rewards to non-Tokyo Tech members.
*The amount applied is subject to change during screening process.
2. Use of the Student Support Center meeting room on B1 level of Taki Plaza (only for the purpose of meetings: use of the communal space must be reserved.)
3. Printing of leaflets and posters
4. Use of the items which Student Success Support Section, Student Support Center owns
5. The consultation with the faculty of Student Success Support Section, Student Support Center

Eligible projects:

To be eligible, projects must fulfill all the following.
1. It has to be an activity planned and conducted by Tokyo Tech students.
2. The activity must be conducted by a group that consists of at least 2 members of Tokyo Tech students, in principle.
3. The purpose of the activity should not be advertisement or dissemination of particular political thought and/or religion.
4. It is not a project that a faculty member has been supervising.


Student Success Support Project contact person

Student Support Center

Tokyo Institute of Technology

Email :