About Tokyo Tech

Tokyo Tech Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Tokyo Tech commits to promoting diversity and inclusion to achieve our mission and goals of cultural development and contribution to human welfare by creating an intellectually vibrant environment where anyone can learn and work without barriers.

We respect diversity

We foster a shared understanding that the foundation of Tokyo Tech is supported by each of our diverse members in a spirit of respect for the rights and dignity of all people from different backgrounds.

We are Team Tokyo Tech

We – all faculty, staff, and students – actively participate in research and education activities as one team, and build an intellectually vibrant community where we can openly share our experiences, abilities, and thoughts with mutual respect.

We motivate our members

We strive to motivate our members to nurture proactiveness and multicultural understanding through intellectual creativity, cultivated by the diversity and unity of different people and cultures, as well as intellectual stimulation influenced by interacting with diverse groups of people.


Employee Relations Office, Human Resources Division

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