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Action Package

Action PackageAction Package

Tokyo Tech's vision

Realizing a world-leading
science and technology university

Pioneering a new era through continuous dialogue with society
and the discovery of hidden possibilities in science and technology

3 objectives

  • Developing talented individuals who are motivated to work on a worldwide level, are open to various cultures, and have broad knowledge of science and technology
  • Taking on the role of a facilitator of science and technology that objectively provides knowledge to the public while co-designing a future vision with society
  • Contributing to the development of industry and the welfare of human beings by examining scientific principles and creating innovative technology while preserving the environment and promoting peace

This Action Package has been formulated to guide Tokyo Tech towards the achievement of its mission, objectives, and vision for the future.

Based on the mission, objectives, and the resulting vision of the Institute, this action package lists strategies for realizing the image, or vision, of a desired future of Tokyo Institute of Technology during the fourth mid-term objectives and mid-term plan period (fiscal years 2022-2027), and in the years that follow. Some of these strategies have been combined with the objective outlines presented by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), and have been approved as part of the Institute's mid-term plan by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Other strategies will be implemented while reviewing their appropriateness through dialogue with Tokyo Tech faculty, staff, students, and other stakeholders, and while considering the progress of each initiative and its relationship to effectiveness and cost.

The strategies described in this action package include ambitious and challenging ones that go beyond the conventional boundaries of national university corporations. These strategies not only aim to set Tokyo Tech apart from other national university corporations, but are also viewed as necessary for the university to achieve world-leading standards and be recognized as having attained great heights globally. As a result, the Institute's appearance and positioning may deviate from those of other national university corporations in the near future. Tokyo Tech, however, is unafraid of change, for we see an alternate future.

This action package is a living document that is updated as required when Tokyo Tech adjusts its approaches.

(Partial excerpts from Action Package preamble)

Action Package March 2022 version

Based on the desired direction of the Institute, Tokyo Tech developed 22 standards and 99 measures to be implemented strategically with a medium- to long-term perspective. While working in collaboration with society as Team Tokyo Tech, the Institute is committed to creating a prosperous future society and to ensuring the sustainable development of Tokyo Tech and the world.

Advancement of student-centered learning

1. Advancement of student-centered learning

Provide outstanding education that helps students develop broad perspectives, leadership skills, and their own vision to change the world.


Bachelor's degree program educationOPEN/CLOSEOPENCLOSE

Master's and doctoral degree program educationOPEN/CLOSEOPENCLOSE

Training doctoral degree program studentsOPEN/CLOSEOPENCLOSE

Career paths for doctoral students and postdoctoral researchersOPEN/CLOSEOPENCLOSE

Fostering global human resourcesOPEN/CLOSEOPENCLOSE

Continuing educationOPEN/CLOSEOPENCLOSE

Tokyo Tech High School of Science and TechnologyOPEN/CLOSEOPENCLOSE

Collaboration with other institutions (Confederation of the Four Universities)OPEN/CLOSEOPENCLOSE

Reform of admission selectionOPEN/CLOSEOPENCLOSE

Creation of societal impact through rapid, far-reaching research progress

2. Creation of societal impact through rapid, far-reaching research progress

Provide an environment where researchers can thrive and produce numerous innovative research findings that demand public attention and serve as the foundation of future society.


Boosting the Institute's research prowess and sharing research findings with societyOPEN/CLOSEOPENCLOSE

Formulating hubs of world-leading standardsOPEN/CLOSEOPENCLOSE

Collaboration with research institutions at home and abroadOPEN/CLOSEOPENCLOSE

Maintaining and improving the research environment based on research facilitiesOPEN/CLOSEOPENCLOSE

Promotion of diversity to foster creativity

3. Promotion of diversity to foster creativity

Firmly establish Tokyo Tech as a place of freedom where individuals are respected and those who want to learn gather. Provide a place where such people can express their thoughts openly, listen to the thoughts of others, and nurture each other's creativity.


Enhancing diversity among students, faculty, and staffOPEN/CLOSEOPENCLOSE

Strengthening of management base and efficiency of operations

4. Strengthening of management base and efficiency of operations

Maintain the status of an institution that provides the highest added value by quantitatively communicating the impact of Tokyo Tech educational and research activities to society to gain its trust, and by ensuring that the Institute's faculty and staff have time to freely pursue their ideas and activities through well-structured operations.


Diversifying financial resourcesOPEN/CLOSEOPENCLOSE

Innovation creation through campus redevelopmentOPEN/CLOSEOPENCLOSE

Maintenance and improvement of education and research facilities through enhancement and appropriate use of facilitiesOPEN/CLOSEOPENCLOSE

Collaboration with self-governing bodies, etc.OPEN/CLOSEOPENCLOSE

Internal controls and governanceOPEN/CLOSEOPENCLOSE

Self-assessment and evaluation, information sharingOPEN/CLOSEOPENCLOSE

Virtuous cycle to enhance education and researchOPEN/CLOSEOPENCLOSE

Utilizing ICT to enhance efficiency of operationsOPEN/CLOSEOPENCLOSE

Pioneering a new era
while aiming for greater heights globally


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