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Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) established the International Planning Office (IPO) as an advisory group to the president in April 2002. Tokyo Tech is perhaps the first Japanese national university to have launched such an organization. The IPO, with plans to proceed with the internationalization of Tokyo Tech, coordinates related organizations and takes responsibility for internationalizing the university under the president's leadership.

The IPO has been concerned, since its foundation a year ago, with the issue of how to promote the internationalization of Tokyo Tech. Discussions were collated into this Policy Paper Booklet. The paper has been presented to the president as a proposal, and the president has introduced it to the entire university community as a policy for internationalizing the university, with the expectation that this policy paper will form a part of many valuable discussions on campus, that specific working plans will be made and put into action, and that Tokyo Tech will become internationally recognized as " a university of science and technology to lead the world. "

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