About Tokyo Tech

Policy on Internationalization

Tokyo Institute of Technology will build a globally competent environment for education and research to bring highly intellectual, specialized, and active scientists/engineers who understand cross-cultural differences to the world. The Institute will contribute to peace and further development in the world through progress in science backed by advanced research capabilities accumulated from its founding, as well as the creation and dissemination of cutting-edge technology. The Institute will continue these efforts to realize a virtuous cycle as a global institute.

Fostering Talented Individuals with Intercultural Skills

Through our highly specialized education and liberal arts studies, The Institute will foster talented individuals who possess a flexibility to accept cultural differences, and aim to realize a prosperous future society by being proactive and determined and taking significant roles in international society.

Global Contribution through Advanced Research Capabilities

The Institute aims to realize a prosperous future society by utilizing our advanced research capabilities.
The Institute will search for scientific truth and create innovation in science and technology with talented global researchers, as well as contribute to society by solving complex global issues that require wisdom from all over the world.

Development of Global Education and Research Environment

Diverse members will participate in making decisions to realize a globally competent environment for education.


General Affairs Group, International Engagement Division, Planning and International Affairs Department

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