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Tokyo Tech Cross-Campus Innovation Ecosystem 2031 Initiative

Tokyo Tech Cross-Campus Innovation Ecosystem 2031 Initiative

To come up with innovations under Tokyo Tech's unchanging philosophy of creating new industries, Tokyo Tech will strategically develop a unique cross-campus innovation ecosystem in which the diverse knowledge, people and funds that Tokyo Tech generates circulate virtuously among the three campuses and lead to an organic and evolving network of industry-academia-government collaborations with off-campus partners.

To this end, it is necessary to ensure diversity in education, human resources, funding, investment and science and technology, and to form a close network. Tokyo Tech has diverse research resources, and intends to build an innovation ecosystem that can sustainably contribute to the world and local communities through industry-academia collaborations and social implementation utilizing the research results it generates.

Tokyo Tech is positioning the next decade until 2031 — the 150th anniversary of the founding of Tokyo Tech — as a decade of environmental development with a view toward the next hundred years. Tokyo Tech will use this initiative as one of the strategies for realizing its long-term goals, and will strongly promote the strengthening of industry-academia-government collaborations and the development of innovative campus environments.

Tokyo Tech's vision for the future for 2031 and beyond:

School of Science / School of Engineering / School of Materials and Chemical Technology / School of Computing / School of Life Science and Technology / School of Environment and Society
Institute of Innovative Research / Institute for Liberal Arts

Long-term goals:
Realizing a world-leading science and technology university

Pioneering a new era through continuous dialogue with society and the discovery of hidden possibilities in science and technology

3 objectives

  • Developing talented individuals who are motivated to work on a worldwide level, are open to various cultures, and have broad knowledge of science and technology

  • Taking on the role of a facilitator of science and technology that objectively provides knowledge to the public while co-designing a future vision with society

  • Contributing to the development of industry and the welfare of human beings by examining scientific principles and creating innovative technology while preserving the environment and promoting peace

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