Departmental Alumni Associations

Listed below are Departmental Alumni Associations and links to the sites for those associations.

List of Alumni Associations

Alumni association name
BMOT (Japanese)outer
Alumni association of Technology and Innovation Management / Department of Innovation Science
Computational Intelligence and Systems Science (computational intelligence science and systems science) alumni association
Enrikai (Japanese)outer
Alumni association of the Department of Physics / Earth and planetary sciences / Applied physics, Faculty of Science
Hakuseikai (Japanese)outer
Mechanics-related alumni association
Department of Information Sciences / Department of Mathematical and Computing Science alumni association
Alumni Association of School of Computing
Kakokai (Japanese)outer
School of Engineering Department of Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering Course alumni association
Kakuyukai (Japanese)outer
Research Laboratory for Nuclear Reactors and Laboratory for Advanced Nuclear Energy alumni association
Keiyukai (Japanese)outer
Alumni association of Department of Industrial Engineering and Economics
Alumni Association of Metallurgical Engineering
Alumni association of Department of Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering, and Department of International Development Engineering
Alumni Association of Teacher Education Course at Tokyo Institute of Technology
Kyuyu (Japanese)outer
Alumni Association of Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Mukizai-kai (Japanese) (former Yougyou Dousoukai)outer
Alumni association for graduates of the former Departments of Ceramics and Inorganic Materials and faculty members of related laboratories, as well as graduates and faculty members of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (inorganic materials fields) at the School of Materials Science and Chemical Technology.
Okakai (Japanese)outer
Applied chemistry graduates (Applied Chemistry Course, Polymer Chemistry, etc.) alumni association
Rakusuikai (Japanese)outer
Electricity and information-related alumni association
for alumni and (former) staff of School of Bioscience and Biotechnology and School of Life Science and Technology
Alumni Association of the Department of Social and Human Sciences
Shakoukai (Japanese)outer
Department of Social Engineering alumni association
Tokodai Rikakai (Japanese)outer
Department of Chemistry alumni association
Toukakai (Japanese)outer
Architecture-related alumni association
VALDES-kai (Japanese)outer
Alumni Association of the Department of Value and Decision Science
Yokyukai (Japanese)outer
Department of Control Engineering / Department of Control and Systems Engineering alumni association
Yuzaikai (Japanese)outer
Department of Textile Engineering / Department of Organic and Polymeric Materials alumni association
Tokyo Tech High School of Science and Technology alumni association
This is listed in alphabetical order of Japanese alumni association name except Shibaura Kogyokai.


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