Message from president of the Tokyo Tech Alumni Association

Kiyoto Ido President, Tokyo Tech Alumni Association
Kiyoto Ido President, Tokyo Tech Alumni Association

This year, presidential and head-of-state elections are anticipated in the U.S. and elsewhere across the globe. Concurrently, the world finds itself at a pivotal juncture, grappling with political and economic challenges, including a crisis of democracy, characterized by social divides and widening inequality. Additionally, there is a pressing need to address sustainable development goals (SDGs) and energy issues. In these transformative times, Tokyo Tech is poised to assume a significant role as a university committed to tackling social issues and shaping a future society through excellence in science and technology.

Throughout its storied history, Tokyo Tech has been instrumental in Japan's economic advancement, particularly in the realms of science and technology, by fostering connections between talented individuals and industries. Presently, it is undertaking bold reform initiatives in education, research, and governance with the ambition of ascending to the ranks of the world's top research universities. In October 2024, Tokyo Tech will merge with Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU) and be reborn as Institute of Science Tokyo. We take pride in nurturing talented individuals capable of contributing to the global community, and in pioneering new research fields that address contemporary challenges. These endeavors will fortify the university's role in shaping our future society.

As the alumni association of Tokyo Tech, we are eager to join these efforts in advancing social progress. We remain steadfast in our commitment to collaborating with the university and extending support to alumni, current students, and the university itself, also in cooperation with TMDU's alumni associations, from our base at Tokyo Tech Front on Ookayama Campus.

We look forward to seeing many of you again at this year's Homecoming Day, which marks a poignant milestone as the final gathering under the banner of Tokyo Tech. It presents a great opportunity for alumni to stay abreast of ongoing developments at their alma mater, while affording current students insights into the accomplishments of alumni in society. Mirroring last year's success, "Team Tokyo Tech Meeting" will be held as a plenary Homecoming Day event, with this year's theme "Alumni associations and university competence." We extend a warm invitation to all Tokyo Tech members to engage in fruitful discourse regarding the future trajectory of our university and its collaborations with alumni associations. Through this collective effort, we aim to strengthen the Tokyo Tech community network, thereby charting a promising course for our university and alumni associations alike.


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