Tokyo Tech Online Community

Tokyo Tech Online Community

The Tokyo Tech Online Community has been set up by the Institute to strengthen ties among alumni, students, and itself. The hope is that, through this networking platform, the Institute will be able to work with its community to drive forward the education and research reform necessary to become a global top 10 university. By registering, individuals will be able to receive information from the Institute as well as share their own information with the community.

How the Tokyo Tech Online Community Works

How the Tokyo Tech Online Community Works

Join the Online Community Now

Membership is completely free and grants you access to an online directory that can be used to connect with new and old friends. Members are responsible for maintaining their profiles in this directory. Posting information is also possible using a bulletin board. Those who join will also receive a regular e-newsletter prepared by the Institute in cooperation with the Tokyo Tech Alumni Association (also available in English upon request), which covers news and information about the latest research findings, lectures, reunions, and lots more, with plenty of events open to the alumni.

Screenshot of the Tokyo Tech Online Community page

Screenshot of the Tokyo Tech Online Community page


Create an online profile

Registered members may edit and update their directory profile online. They may also choose which part of their profile information to disclose.

Access the members directory

Registered members may search the directory to connect with one another. A blind email system is available so that members can communicate without disclosing their email or home address.

Post on the bulletin board

An online bulletin board displays information shared by the Institute and online community. Registered members may use the board to post photos, invite other members to a gig or pop-up exhibition, announce reunions, and so on.

Receive e-newsletters

Registered members may choose to receive an electronic newsletter published in English, available several times a year, from the Institute. Information may include the latest news and research findings, upcoming events such as lectures and reunions, activities of the Tokyo Tech Alumni Association, and more.

Register for events

Online registration is possible for events such as Homecoming Day.

Communicate in a secure environment

The personal information of members is protected by a cybersecurity company.

Subscription to Tokyo Tech's Electronic Newsletters

Subscription to Tokyo Tech's Electronic Newsletters

Individuals who do not wish to join the online community may still receive the same e-newsletters from the Institute by becoming a subscriber instead.

In addition to the monthly newsletters published in Japanese, subscribers may choose to receive the newsletter in English, which is available several times a year.



Tokyo Tech Online Community Administrator

Tel +81-3-5734-2414

Hours 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (except holidays and Institute closure)