Innovation Science
Doctoral Program

A curriculum that develops globally
successful researchers

the Graduate Major in Innovation Science is built around courses that have been grouped into categories and systematically structured so that students can learn according to their level of learning and achievement.

    • Tokyo Tech
    • Other Universities' Graduates and Working Adults
    1. Advancement Assessment
      Applicants must pass an advancement
      assessment to advance from a master's program to a doctoral program.
    1. Entrance Examination
      Applicants must pass an entrance
      assessment to advance from another university to a doctoral program.
  1. Doctoral Program
    ( 3 Years )*2

    600-Level Courses

    Along with the doctoral thesis research, our curriculum is designed to promote excellence in research and develop practical abilities necessary for innovation. The systematic review courses allow students to undertake interdisciplinary research by constructing their own framework for the research to effectively and efficiently absorb knowledge from the various fields. There are also seminars on cutting-edge research and business operations, and training in information analysis and project planning.

    • Basic Technology Management
      In these courses, students develop their ability to grasp cutting-edge research trends and findings across various fields while learning basic methodologies and acquiring fundamental literacy to conduct research.
    • Advanced Technology Management
      Based on their deep understanding of technology and business management, in these courses, students learn methodologies and develop literacy to strategically design, plan, and execute projects that cover research and development, product and service design, and commercialization.
    • Economic and Social Systems
      In these courses, students analyze the relationship between technology and the economy and society, as well as the relationship among various stakeholders from various angles and aspects. From these analyses, broad and comprehensive views of these relationships can be acquired and the paths leading to ideal conditions can be drawn.
    • Practical Technology Management
      Based on the students' wide understanding and problem recognition of society, industry, policies, international trends etc., these practical courses prepare students to draft new businesses and projects, and design and plan the necessary research and development tasks.
    • Research Seminars and Internships
      In these courses, students acquire knowledge and learn methodologies that will help them become forefront researchers in the field of innovation science. Abilities necessary to write dissertations are also developed.

    *2Indicates the standard model where the Doctoral Program is completed in three years.

  2. Completion