Innovation Science

Innovation Science
Doctoral Program

Establish new theories and practical
academic disciplines for innovation

At the Department of Innovation Science, we aim to develop individuals with practical and pre-eminent knowledge required for and to contribute to innovation who will become knowledge professionals capable of leading the way to advance industry and society. We are also actively engaged in research, education, and social collaborations, and work together with specialists in other areas and with top schools overseas to establish and systemize scientific theories of innovation science.


Innovation for society through
the power of science and technology

We foster individuals who produce new theories and expand knowledge of innovation by drawing on their intellect of science and technology. In addition, they will be capable of resolving social issues and contributing to the creation of a prosperous future society.

Ideal Candidates

Doctoral Degree Program

  • Those who have specialized knowledge of specific fields, and capable of establishing logic built on facts on their own
  • Those who have rich and extensive knowledge and can understand matters from various viewpoints
  • Those who have experience of overcoming difficulties on their own to create new values
  • Those who have the necessary communication skills to be globally successful
  • Those overflowing with ambition and motivated to lead organizations and society

Competencies Developed

Doctoral Degree Program

  • Ability to pioneer in the development of new areas through research
  • Have a broad understanding of science, technology, the economy, and society, and approach these analytically
  • Knowledge of advanced methodologies for analysis, thinking, design, and strategy formulation
  • Literacy in innovation and management
  • Ability to establish a career as an innovation specialist

Potential Career Paths

  • Research and education positions at universities, public Research institutes, etc.
  • Management level positions at companies, etc., and entrepreneurs
  • Government agencies and international organizations, think tanks, and non-profit institutions (NPOs, etc.)

Potential Employers for Graduates

Kyoto University / University of Abertay Dundee / Nomura Research Institute / The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ

Degree Offered

Doctoral Program
Doctor of Management of Technology, Doctor of Engineering, Doctor of Philosophy

Department with Graduate Major in Innovation Science

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