Industry and Researchers

President's Message to Industry and Researchers

Support Collaborative Research and Human Resources Development  Yoshinao MISHIMA,President

Message to Industry and Researchers from President Yoshinao Mishima

Nurture Competitive Researchers through University-Industry Cooperation

Yoshinao MISHIMA,President

The Office of Industry Liaison at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) continues to promote collaborative research with the private sector. In addition, Tokyo Tech will focus on human resources development and I would like to ask both leaders in industry and private sector researchers to support the Institute in this endeavor.

When academic researchers lose themselves completely in their lab work, they tend to fall out of touch with the prevailing industrial situation in both the nation and the world. This is often the case with doctoral students. Researchers cannot be competitive after graduating if they have only mastered their particular field, yet have no knowledge of developments in other fields or the private sector.

Therefore, Tokyo Tech will establish opportunities for our doctoral students to meet with and hear from industry leaders and private sector researchers to expand their perspectives. I would like to ask for your support in nurturing competitive researchers prepared to meet today's global challenges.