President's Message to Current Students

Be a Proactive Student  Yoshinao MISHIMA,President

Message to Current Students from President Yoshinao Mishima

Expand Your Perspective

As a student at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech), you should not take a narrow approach to your studies, such as exclusively mastering one particular field while having no knowledge of developments in other fields. You should expand your perspective and see outside your specific academic discipline.

In this context, I expect you to make the following efforts:

  • Go abroad before graduation. Grab the opportunity to study abroad. Experience firsthand the global standards that will boost your academic level and much more.
  • Improve your English proficiency. Without it, it is difficult for you to be world class.
  • Listen to Tokyo Tech graduates and people who are very active in their specialized fields. You will always learn something new from them.
  • Take part in extracurricular activities. You will treasure the friends and experiences you gain from doing your very best in those activities your whole life.

Whatever path you take in the future, the above-mentioned efforts will surely be assets along the way.

Be Proactive

Yoshinao MISHIMA,President

High schools and universities are both places of learning, but they are quite different in nature. In most cases, high school students are taught and receive knowledge passively. In contrast, university students are required to think and be proactive. Therefore, you should contemplate your future and think what it is exactly that you want to do with your life. After that, you should carefully consider what you need to learn at Tokyo Tech.

It will not be easy to figure out your aim in life. You cannot ask others to do that for you and eventually you will have to decide what you want to do with your own life. Tokyo Tech will be sure to give you the support you need if you are proactive.