(Update: May 27,2020) 【Graduate Students】Application of tuition exemption with a sudden change of household due to COVID-19


Published: May 27, 2020

We will launch the acceptance of application of tuition exemption for the students whose household suddenly changed and who have difficulty paying tuition due to COVID-19. This will be also applied to the international students.

In addition, for those who have already applied for tuition exemption, if you verify that your household suddenly changed due to COVID-19, your application category can be changed “general” into “sudden change of household due to COVID-19”.

We will post the details about the application eligibility and submission period or required documents on the following website soon, so please wait momentarily until it is announced.

*May 27,2020 updated: Application Information has been published at the following URL.


Update : May 27, 2020