Classes during the summer period and fall semester (3Q and 4Q)


Published: September 18, 2020

To: All Students and Their Parents/Guardians
From: Tetsuya Mizumoto, Executive Vice President for Education

I am very proud of your resilient efforts in coping with undeniably difficult circumstances and constraints on your college life due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

We updated the “Tokyo Tech response to COVID-19” on July 17. Accordingly, I would like to notify you of class schedules during the summer, as well as those from October onward. Schedules may change depending on the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tokyo Tech has chosen to proceed with caution at this moment.
Face-to-face classes will be held on campus during the summer period, but we have changed the starting date to Wednesday, August 19. (We will start providing online classes on August 11 as scheduled.) From October, classes will be held both on campus and online, and there will be no restrictions on students entering campuses.

However, as you are well aware, there are signs of another possible outbreak, and our fight against COVID-19 is likely to be a back-and-forth effort. I think it is necessary for Tokyo Tech members to practice the new social behavior and take measures to avoid irresponsibly spreading infection to others.

To enable students to advance in their studies, Tokyo Tech will take measures as much as possible based on the following basic policy when providing classes (see attached documents). Although it may not be the ideal campus life you had imagined, we would like you to understand that Tokyo Tech has made such decisions to fulfill its role.

Please make sure to practice the new social behavior and take measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as much as possible in your college life.

Tokyo Institute of Technology Basic Policy against Novel Coronavirus

  • Tokyo Institute of Technology will protect the lives and wellbeing of students, faculty, and staff as a priority.
  • We understand that infectious disease affects individuals differently, both mentally and physically. We ask Tokyo Tech members to engage in study, education, and research activities in accordance with their individual physical and mental conditions.
  • We will make sure, as much as possible, that students can complete their study in the period they originally planned regardless of financial and other circumstances.
  • We will allow students to continue their research activities under the condition that we give the maximum consideration to the health of students, faculty, and staff as well as to preventing the spread of infectious disease.

Detailed information will be announced on the Tokyo Tech website as soon as it is finalized.

1. Fall semester timetable
Periods 1–2 8:50–10:30 ( 8:50–10:30)*
Periods 3–4 10:40–12:20 (10:45–12:25)
Lunch break 12:20–14:20 (12:25–13:30)
Periods 5–6 14:20–16:00 (13:30–15:10)
Periods 7–8 16:15–17:55 (15:25–17:05)
Periods 9–10 18:05–19:45 (17:15–18:55)
*Time periods in parentheses are for the AY 2020 spring semester, for reference.

• The fall semester timetable has been revised to facilitate off-peak commuting to campuses.
• The revised timetable allows a 2-hour lunch break. You will have sufficient time to eat or move to the next room where classes are delivered face-to-face.
• There may be cases where course instructors ask you to attend a class without a lunch break if it runs from periods 3–4 and 5–6. Please take a break after the class ends.
• Manage your time effectively when taking classes scheduled for periods 9–10, which end at 19:45 (50 minutes later than the previous semester).
• The fall semester timetable will be officially released early September.

2. Attending classes
• In principle, attendance on campus is required if face-to-face instruction is necessary. If not, classes are delivered online.
• We are planning to allocate rooms for classes in a way that ensures physical distancing.
Undergraduate students:
• Morning classes are planned to be delivered online.
Graduate students:
• Lectures are delivered online in principle.
• Students may attend lectures online from their own homes, laboratories, etc. Please follow the instructions of your laboratory’s faculty.

3. Quarter-end exams and makeup classes
•Quarter-end exams will not be conducted in face-to-face settings, in principle. However, there may be face-to-face exams for 100-level courses, considering that their results will affect decisions regarding departments that students are going to join.
•Information on exams conducted face-to-face will be available on the web page by the end of September. Please also check course syllabi for the relevant information.
•Quarter-end exams and makeup classes for AY 2020 3Q
Dates and times will be available on the web page by the end of October.
Relevant link:
Undergraduate Make-Up Classes and End-of-Quarter Examination Schedules

•Face-to-face exams may be cancelled depending on circumstances.
•International students staying abroad and students with underlying medical conditions* who are unable to take face-to-face exams must consult course instructors.
* A medical certificate may be required for absences due to medical reasons.

4. Classes during the summer period
• From Monday, August 19 (rescheduled from August 11), courses requiring face-to-face instruction will be conducted on campus. In light of an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases, however, you may choose not to register for non-required courses. Online lectures will start on August 11 as originally planned.

5. Safety precautions
Please take the following measures:
• Undergo daily temperature and health checks before coming to campus. Do not come if you have a fever or feel sick.
• Wear a face mask and regularly clean your hands – the most effective actions you can take.
 Be sure to:
 - Wash your hands before entering or when leaving lecture rooms or laboratories.
 - Wear a face mask.
• In lecture rooms, ensure appropriate physical distancing and proper ventilation.
• Use hand sanitizer placed at entrances of campus buildings. It might be a good idea to bring your own to work and use it periodically.
• Also take safety precautions when off campus.

6. Other information
• Students may request to attend online classes remotely from lecture rooms or other designated locations on campus if it is unavoidable (e.g., when students do not have appropriate internet access at home, or cannot avoid peak commuting hours). If permitted, they need to bring their own laptops or tablets to campus. (Information on lecture rooms and other locations available for online lectures will be announced separately.)

Relevant link:
Please refer to the “Tokyo Tech response to COVID-19,” which will be available soon at the link below, for measures regarding attending classes, coming to campuses, research activities, extracurricular activities, etc.

Update : September 18, 2020