COVID-19 updates for all new students and current students

  • 1. Stay home and refrain from going out unless necessary to protect yourself, your family, your friends, or your community as a whole from the spread of the novel coronavirus.
  • 2. In principle, students are not permitted to come to Tokyo Tech campuses.
  • 3. All lectures, academic sessions, etc. will be conducted remotely until the end of 2Q.
  • 4. Students in their final year of bachelor’s degree or master’s degree programs, and doctoral students, are required to consult their academic supervisors to ensure that their research projects continue to move forward. For other students who are affiliated with laboratories, research supervision sessions will be held online.
  • 5. Refrain from participating in internship programs at companies until the end of 2Q.

President's message to the community

(Published: June 1, 2020) Tokyo Tech response to COVID-19(Message to Tokyo Tech Students and Their Parents/Guardians)
- Exit strategy following the government’s lifting of the state of emergency -

Information from services for students

Notices and information for students will be posted on the Tokyo Tech website or sent via email or post. Please be sure to check the website and your email regularly for updates. Telephone calls will not be answered, as Tokyo Tech is restricting the number of faculty and staff working on campus. For inquiries, contact us by email.

Information Related to Courses

Updated: June 1, 2020

Scheduled lectures

The AY 2020 spring semester will start on April 20, with 1Q courses starting on May 4.

During the period between those dates, students are not required to come to campus and are expected to prepare for 1Q.

Since large gatherings of students on campuses must be avoided due to concerns regarding the novel coronavirus, lectures will be held online using a remote lecture system (mainly Zoom).

We will provide updates as soon as they become available.

Information For All Students

Updated: June 1, 2020

Information For 1st-year Undergraduate Students

Updated: April 17, 2020

Information Related to Financial Support

Updated: May 26, 2020

《 Urgent Financial Support for Tokyo Tech Students 》
The extension of the state of emergency due to the novel coronavirus may cause concern for students with financial problems.
In particular, those whose income has decreased as a consequence of economic stagnation may struggle with tuition payments, living expenses, etc.
Tokyo Tech has decided to provide special financial support as an urgent response to help such students continue their education at the Institute. (Click here to see details of our strategy.)
Content will be published on the above web page as it becomes available.

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Other Information

Please refer to the following link for other information or information published in the past. Information may be subject to change.


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