Telephone Consultation Service

No Matter What, Don't Hesitate to Call / Telephone Consultation Service: University Edition

Consultations by e-mail and in person available as well

A new type of counseling service was started by the Student Support Center in June 2009 for students who require counseling but find it difficult to visit the Health Service Center or Student Guidance Room. Counseling is currently being performed to high acclaim.
All of the staff members are reliable and kind advisors with wide-ranging life experiences.

This service is aimed not just at people who face serious problems that they are not sure how to handle, such as anxieties over school work and research, human relationship problems (research related, family, friends, lovers), worries over repeating school years and future options, harassment, etc.; it also provides positive advice for people who are having trouble managing everyday life, who lack confidence, who are suffering from depression, who have trouble socializing with other people, who are anxious whether they have made the correct decision in studying science and technology, or who are overburdened with the expectations of their parents.

Taking time to discuss such problems without pressure helps calm anxieties and provides people with the strength to confront the issues they face. It is not necessary for students or parents to suffer this alone. Feel free to call us and discuss the problem with a sympathetic listener. (Naturally, all calls will be dealt with confidentially, and consultations under pseudonyms are possible.)


Tel. No.

03-5734-2134 (Extension: 2134)

Available Hours

10:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 17:00 (Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays)

E-mail Address
(Please email us for inquiry or to book a session.)


Noriyuki Kochi, Advisor
Mondays and Wednesdays
Takes time to listen to you and helps you solve the problems
He is a veteran teacher who taught chemistry at Tokyo Institute of Technology. He came back to Tokyo Tech for the first time in two years. He likes chatting with students, and solving atomic and mulecular level problems using quantum mechanics. He will offer counseling in various areas based on his experience.
Shuichi Ueno, Advisor
Tuesdays and Fridays
Anything and everything related to school work, future options, research, human relationships, etc
He is a veteran advisor who graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology. He was a professor in the Information and Communications Engineering field. He came back to campus for the first time in two years as well. He used to be one of the advisors for the Student Guidance Room and dealt with many cases. He will provide counseling in a relaxing atmosphere.

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*Our office will be closed on May 15(Wed), May 20(Mon), May 22(Wed)
For urgent matters,please contact the Student Guidance Room


Telephone Consultation Service

Tel 03-5734-2134  FAX 03-5734-2060