Peer Support

Peer support services are consultation services offered to students by students. The services include:
- Assisting newly-enrolled undergraduates in becoming acclimated to Tokyo Tech, by giving advice about studying and other aspects of everyday life
- Offering informational sessions at Open Campus to answer questions from prospective students and their parents about university life
Turn to a peer supporter for advice
Peer supporters will be available to help you:
- Decide which courses you should take and understand how to register for them
- Find club activities that spark your interest
- Deal with challenges that may come your way
- Learn about studying abroad in the future
- Answer questions about changing to another undergraduate major
- Prepare effectively for your first exams
You may learn more about what experienced students did when they were in the same situation as you.

  • Who will act as peer supporters?

    Upper-level students who are knowledgeable about Tokyo Tech will be appointed as peer supporters. They will listen to you carefully and offer information or materials to help you register for courses or decide which department will be right for you.
    Peer supporters share consultation resources, and will be able to answer questions relating to other majors or departments than their own.
    The services are not only for Japanese students but also for international students.

  • Where can you find peer supporters?

    Peer supporters will be stationed at Taki Plaza B1 Floor in April every year. Check out the consultation schedule below, and drop in for a visit. Otherwise, you can send an email to any time of the year to make a one-on-one consultation appointment. Please provide us with a date and time that works best for you. We will contact you to confirm your appointment. You may request to remain anonymous.

Relevant links:

For students interested in working as peer supporters
Recruitment for peer supporters is organized in January or February every year. Application details can be found on the “recruiting peer supporters” web page.

Past events and activities

Links below are in Japanese only.

Future events and activities

  • September-October 2022: Advice sessions on a wide range of campus life issues
  • January-March 2023: Advice sessions about undergraduate major affiliation
  • Online consultation in Japanese available any time of the year


Student Success Support Section,Student Support Center


Student Success Support Section, Student Support Center