Other Counseling Services

Faculty Advisors

"Faculty Advisors″ are assigned to each group and class. Please feel free to consult them.

Study Assistance

TOKYO TECH OCW-i is a tool that uses the internet to facilitate smooth communication between faculty members and students with aregard to lectures at Tokyo Tech.
Tokyo Tech OpenCourseWare (OCW)
Some of Tokyo Tech's education warrants being made shared property. Our OpenCourseWare comprises a platform for making such course materials publicly accessible to users around the world free of charge.
Math Guidance Room
Deals with queries and questions related to mathematics.
Physics Advisory Room
Deals with queries and questions related to physics.
Chemistry Counselling Room
Deals with queries and questions related to chemistry.
Bioscience Advisory Room
Deals with queries and questions related to bioscience.seimeikiso@bio.titech.ac.jp
Foreign Language Section, ILA
Here students can ask any questions about foreign languages and use some goods for studying foreign languages.
Peer Supporters/Counselors
Peer support services are consultation services offered to students by students. Tokyo Tech students act as peer counselors who, based on their own experiences, give advice about studying, choosing career paths, and other aspects of everyday life to new or junior students.
MATLAB Office Hours
Deals with queries and questions related to MATLAB/Simulink that is used for classes or research.

Health Service Center

University doctors/industrial physicians conduct clinical examinations and advise on mental and physical health matters.
Nurses and public health nurses are also available to offer guidance on health matters.

Health Service Center

Various Types of Harassment

Countermeasures Against Harassment

List of Faculty Members Responsible for Employment

List of the faculty members and administrative staff responsible for employment in each graduate and undergraduate department.

Career Advisors

Offer counseling on matters pertaining to employment and career development.

Career Support Unit

Emergency Counseling

Available anonymously around-the-clock, the "Phone that Never Sleeps″.
When you're desperate and don't know where to turn.

Telephone Tokyo English Life Line