Peer Support

  • When should I use this service?

    Feel free to contact us about anything at all.
    When you are anxious about taking courses.
    When you wish you discuss club activities.
    When you need advice on what to do in order to do something.
    When you want to know how seniors handled the same situation.
    ★Consultations will be performed using study books and documentation on the relevant faculty.

  • When can I use this service?

    Peer counselors are on standby every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in April.
    Details on times and standby peer counselors will be posted on the website when details are known.
    ●The Peer Support service starts in April 2013.
    Peer counselors will be on standby at the Centennial Hall between 12:00 and 17:00.
    Standby dates: April 8 (Monday), April 10 (Wednesday), April 12 (Friday), April 15 (Monday), April 17 (Wednesday), April 19 (Friday), April 22 (Monday), April 24 (Wednesday), April 26 (Friday)
    Latest Peer Support Shift ChartPDF ←Check peer counselor standby times here.
    (Note that there are certain dates when the service is not available from 12:00 to 17:00.)
    ☆Peer counselor standby is also scheduled for every Wednesday in October.
    Contact us by e-mail with your requested times if consultations are required by peer counselors at any time other than in April and October. You will be contacted once a date and time for peer counselor consultations has been fixed (use of a pseudonym is acceptable). Special peer support

  • What sort of consultations can I expect?

    "How do seniors decide which courses to take?"

    "What is the best way to study for exams?", "I'd like to enter an exchange student program, and would like to discuss seniors' experiences."

    "How can I change courses?" etc. Feel free to discuss your problems with your seniors; all of whom have experienced many of the same problems.

  • Who will act as my counselor?

    Seniors from the Tokyo Institute of Technology will be on standby alternately. Check the latest Peer Support Shift Chart (Japanese)PDFto see who is in what faculty and who has experienced the Confederation of the Four Universities (Multidisciplinary Program), etc.
    ★Documentation is shared among peer counselors, so to a certain extent it is possible to consult with anyone regardless of their faculty and courses.

  • Where should I go?

    Ookayama Campus
    April and October: Lobby of the Centennial Hall
    Feel free to contact us by e-mail at any time after May.

Contact the following for documentation, etc., related to the use of the Peer Support service.

Support Planning Group, Student Support Division, Student Service Department