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Notice about the changes under the COVID-19 State of Emergency (updated: July 12, 2021)

Student Guidance Room accepts counseling applications only via email since the state of emergency has been issued in Tokyo. Face-to-face and online meetings are continuously provided as well as email and telephone based services. Please see our webpage if there are any changes before contacting us.

Ookayama Student Guidance Room moved to the 80th Anniversary Hall as of March 8. Map There is no change in telephone number and email address.

Student Guidance Room offers you guidance and counseling for being well and maintaining a balance between your academic and personal life. We provide services in English for non-Japanese speakers.

*Please keep in mind that:-

when one of the staff members tested positive for COVID 19, your name, affiliation and other information could be required to submit to the local health center and COVID-19 Task Force, Tokyo Institute of Technology, in order to ditect close contacts. Your problems are definitely not revealed to any therd parties. Our meeting rooms are installed sneeze guards, disinfected after each meeting, the taff wears a ficial mask and is careful of air circulation to provide safe circumstances for counseling.

Guide to the Student Guidance Room (2021.04version)

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Your privacy is strictly kept confidential.

You might have difficulties such as

  • You are not sure how to enroll in a course
  • You can’t decide which way to go, graduate school, career path or something else.
  • You want to communicate better with others and make friends.
  • You were told to repeat a year and you don’t know what to do.
  • You are so busy working part time that you can’t keep up with your studies.
  • You have a problem with your parents; they are against you pursuing your research, they don’t approve your boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.
  • You can’t get over your emotional pain after breaking up with your boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • You can’t get along with other people in the lab.

Who will listen to you and help you solve your problems?

The staff is nice and friendly, so you will feel relaxed talking to them.

The advisors are faculty members of TOKYO TECH. They are available at the Student Guidance Room and at their offices according to the following schedules.

You can find the schedules on the bulletin board of the Student Guidance Room on each campus.

Ookayama campus / faculty advisors schedule

at the Student Guidance Room and at their offices(PDF)

Suzukakedai campus /faculty advisors schedule

at the Student Guidance Room and at their offices(PDF)

*Please check the updated schedules since changes may occur due to unanticipated occasions.

How to book an appointment? Where is it offered?

Please contact the Student Guidance Room to arrange a date and time;
1) Visit us in person at the Student Guidance Room and make an appointment. Temporarily suspended
2) Call us. Temporarily suspended
3) Email us with the application form. If you cannot attach the form, just write your name, student No., major, your contact information, your availability and the nature of your problem on the email. The subject should be “Application for counselling.” Available
4) Send us a fax. Temporarily suspended

Student Guidance Room at Ookayama Campus map
Location:80th Anniversary Hall
Phone:03-5734-2060 Temporarily suspended
Fax:03-5734-2060 Temporarily suspended Available
Office hours:Monday to Friday, 10:00am – 12:00pm, 1:00pm – 4:45pm
Closed on public holidays

Student Guidance Room at Suzukakedai Campus map
Location:Daigaku Kaikan H2 building, 1st floor
Phone:045-924-5888 Temporarily suspended
Fax:045-924-5889 Temporarily suspended  Available
Office hours:Monday to Friday, 9:00am–5:00pm
Closed on weekends and public holidays

- Counselling sessions take place in the Student Guidance Room or at the faculty advisors’ offices.

- The Student Guidance Room is open throughout the year except for public holidays and other holidays following the Institute calendar.

For more information, drop by the Student Guidance Room, call or email us with any questions.

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Student Guidance Room

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