Career Support

Tokyo Tech has a proud history of supporting students' employment and career development For decades, faculty members and administrative staff in each graduate and undergraduate department have provided detailed advice on employment that makes the most of students' respective fields of expertise. Moreover, laboratory supervisors offer career guidance to suit each student's personality and aspirations.

Tokyo Tech will continue to offer students career support, predominantly through the departments. The Innovator and Inventor Development Platform(IIDP) will maintain this tradition of supporting students by providing general information on employment and advancement and catering to their diversifying needs with respect to career support.

Career Support at The Innovator and Inventor Development Platform

The IIDP coordinates with various departments and offices to offer the following faculty members responsible for employment and administrating services.

Provision of general knowledge, know-how and information pertaining to employment
Collection and provision of Tokyo Tech's employment information
Planning and implementation of all-campus guidance, seminars.
General employment counseling
Advice on employment in new fields
Employment counseling for special cases which are difficult for individual graduate or undergraduate departments to handle
Advice for students unsure of which way to proceed, etc.

We aspire to be a Center that helps you step up a level by enlisting the cooperation of the graduate and undergraduate departments, centers, etc.

Job replacement support

Tokyo Tech has decades-long experience of supporting students with job placement and career development. Faculty and administrative staff members of graduate and undergraduate departments provide students with detailed assistance, taking their respective research fields into consideration.

Even after the launch of the Innovator and Inventor Development Platform in 2013 to provide intensified career education, Tokyo Tech continues job-placement assistance on the basis of each undergraduate and graduate department. Note that as some employment information is specific to – and, therefore, only available at - certain departments, you are encouraged to pay a visit to your relevant advisor.

List of job-placement advisors (PDF in Japanese)PDF

List of job-placement advisors for students who enrolled in or before April 2015(PDF in Japanese)PDF

Career support for international students

Two organizations with abundant experience — the International Students Support Network and NAP — provide helpful information and consultation for international students wishing to find employment in Japan.

In addition to providing job information , the organizations’ websites explain Japanese job-hunting practices and how to prepare.

Feel free to sign up after confirming the terms of use.

International Students Support Network

NAP Job consultation network for international students