At Tokyo Tech, internships are divided into two main types.

Internships as class subjects (eligible for credits)

List of Internship Subjects :Undergraduates (in Japanese),Graduates (in Japanese)

Please direct inquiries to either the Undergraduate Affairs Section in the Student Affairs Division (Ext. 3004) or the Graduate Affairs Section (Ext. 3005).

Regular Internships (not recognized as a subject and not eligible for credits)

This type of internships is not recognized by Tokyo Tech. Accordingly, you should pay careful attention to the following points.

This type of internship is not covered by GAKKENSAI (Disaster and Accident Insurance for Students) and GAKKENBAI (Personal Liability Insurance for Students) because it does not comprise a part of classes.
Please understand that possible problems concerning this internship are absolutely nothing to do with Tokyo Tech.
The Student Support Division cannot issue recommendations for this type of internship.
Students who, having read and understood the above, still wish to apply for an internship should discuss the matter thoroughly with their supervisor and the faculty member responsible for employment in their department, etc., and apply on their own.

Information concerning internships received by the Student Services Center is filed in the Placement Reference Room.


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