Tokyo Tech Graduates and Careers

As Tokyo Tech students, how do you envision your future? Many of you may be so focused on your student life that you haven't really formed a concrete image. You all have great potential. Properly prepared, you can find the right way forward for yourself.

1. Approximately 90% of undergraduates advance into graduate school

Tokyo Tech's graduate schools are really appealing. Check what you can study.
Of course, some undergraduates start working upon graduation.

Major Employers of Undergraduates (in Japanese)

2. Approximately 80% of master's students find jobs

Employers vary widely. Making the most of your specialty or challenging new fields? The choice is yours.

Major Employers of Master's Students (in Japanese)

3. Aspiring world-class researchers doctoral students

Approximately 15% of master's students advance into doctoral programs.
Upon completing a doctoral program, some work as researchers.

Major Employers of Doctoral Students (in Japanese)

※If you want to have more information pertaining to employment, Please come to Student Support Division in Ookayama or Student Division in Suzukakedai with Student card.


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