Information on Alumni Working at Companies

List of alumni working at companies in Japan

If you would like to see the list, please come to the Student Support Division at Ookayama Campus or Suzukakedai Campus with your student ID.
Or you may view the list online, available in Japanese only.

Ookayama Campus :

Taki Plaza B1F
Mon.-Fri. 8:30~17:15

Suzukakedai Campus :

Suzukakedai Student Support Group (J1 bldg.- 1F)
Mon.-Fri. 9:00~17:00


  • Be sure to bring your student ID.
  • You are not allowed to make a copy or take a photo of the list. Bring writing materials to take notes, if necessary.
  • We cannot provide this alumni information via email.
  • Please handle the alumni information appropriately within the scope of the purposes of use in accordance with the rules and regulations regarding protection of personal information. Do not distribute it to others.


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