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Thank you for your interest in the job placement support services of Tokyo Institute of Technology. Tokyo Tech provides both University-wide job placement support and job placement support through individual undergraduate and graduate school departments. If you are recruiting applicants University-wide (with no preference regarding undergraduate or graduate school department), please contact the Student Support Division of the Student Service Department. If you are recruiting applicants with specialized expertise in a specific field, please consult with the faculty job placement advisor in the relevant undergraduate or graduate school department.

This is to notify you that Tokyo Tech has postponed medical checkups for students; accordingly, the issuance of medical certificates will also be delayed.
As such, there may be cases where students are unable to submit a medical certificate when requested. The new schedule for medical checkups has yet to be decided.
Thank you for your understanding.

Delay in issuance of medical certificates due to the novel coronavirus outbreak.pdf

List of faculty members appointed as job-placement advisors

Tokyo Tech provides students with job-placement support institute-wide as well as support specific to individual departments.

Lisit of job-placement advisors

Note that job-placement support is not provided at undergraduate and graduate schools and therefore any recruitment information and materials need to be sent directly to the relevant departments listed above.
The recruitment slips for job offers contingent on the Institute’s recommendation should be directly sent to the relevant job-placement advisors of respective departments.

Job Offers

Tokyo Institute of Technology Job Offer Registration System (Japanese)

Please register job offers open to students of Tokyo Institute of Technology online via the system accessible at the link above.
After registering information about your company via the above website, you can register the details of job offers. You may make corrections or amendments freely after the initial registration.
Registering job information online greatly improves its accessibility to students, so we urge you to make use of this system.

Registering job information online greatly improves its accessibility to students, so we urge you to make use of this system.
Support Planning Group, Student Support Division, Student Service Department, Tokyo Institute of Technology

W8-102, 2-12-1, Ookayama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-8550
Tel: 03-5734-3012 (08:30~17:15)
Tel: 03-5734-3012 (08:30~17:15)
E-mail address

Sending Printed Job Offers

The University encourages prospective employers to submit job offers via the web form. We appreciate your cooperation.
If there are difficulties with registering via the website, the University can accept printed job offers. Please send them to the address shown below. Note that the University does not have a standard format for job offers. Please use the format preferred by your company.

Request Regarding Lists of Tokyo Tech Graduates and Holders of Graduate Degrees

To assist students searching for employment, the University makes available for viewing lists of Tokyo Tech graduates and holders of graduate degrees employed by various companies. To view these lists, students must show their student ID cards to verify their identity; a register of viewers is maintained and making copies, etc., is strictly prohibited.
As you know, the Act on the Protection of Personal Information places limits on the provision of personal information to third parties without the consent of the person in question, and in fact the number of lists available is decreasing.
In the hope of reducing mismatches that can result in problems, such as the recent upsurge in new hires quitting after a short period of time, the University endeavors to instill in students from early on a consciousness of how their field of specialization relates to society at large.
Nevertheless, visits by Tokyo Tech alums that enable students to talk with them directly are a valuable way to get a feel for what the work is really like that goes beyond the information the University can provide. Bearing this in mind, we ask for your continued cooperation and understanding regarding the provision of lists of graduates and holders of graduate degrees employed by your company and the role they play in our efforts to assist the University's students to obtain suitable employment.
Note that there is no particular specified format for the lists, but you are welcome to use the default format provided by the University (see below). We very much appreciate any information you can provide.


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Support Planning Group, Student Support Division, Student Service Department, Tokyo Institute of Technology

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