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Part-time Employment

Offers of Part-time Employment for Tokyo Institute of Technology Students (Information for Company Representatives)

Notification of Available Part-time Jobs

Tokyo Institute of Technology distributes information from companies about offers of part-time employment for students of the University via theArbeit (Part-time Job) Infomation Network for Students(Japanese) website operated by NATIONAL STUDENTS INFORMATION CENTER.

Requests to post offers on the website should be submitted directly; please accessArbeit (Part-time Job) Infomation Network for Students (Japanese).

Students can access this website from a mobile phone or PC whenever they want. The site is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so students can view information about available part-time jobs at home or wherever they are. We urge you to post your part-time job announcements on "Arbeit (Part-time Job) Infomation Network for Students (Japanese).

Note that Tokyo Tech has a strict policy of not allowing companies' offers of part-time employment to be distributed on campus in the form of posters, handouts, etc., regardless of the details, duration, location, or conditions. We ask for your understanding in this matter.

Recruitment for Full-time Positions

For information on recruitment of Tokyo Tech students for full-time positions, please access this page. It contains information on how to register job offers, a list of faculty job placement advisors, etc.


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