Clinic Visits

Please consult one of our doctors, nurses, if you have a cold, stomachache, injury, burns or other health-related concern.


All faculty, staff members and students (updated 08/12/2020)

  • Please do not enter the campus if you are not feeling well.
  • If you become sick or injured on campus, please contact the Health Support Center in advance at the number below。
  • Consultation with the doctor is suspended. Please visit nearby clinics if in need of urgent medical help.

Continued in August, the opening dates and times are as follows:

Ookayama Health Support Center

Every weekday     8:30am~5:15pm

Suzukakedai Health Support Center

Every weekday     8:30am~5:15pm

 Body temperature will be taken from ALL visitors outside the Health Support Center before consultation/first aid.
 The nurse will then take care of to you in the temporary treatment room.

If you experience any fever or cold symptoms, you should get off campus immediately and refer to the following information :



※The opening hours have been reduced due to Covid-19 infection.

Schedules may vary. Please call us before coming to the Center.

Contact numbers

Ookayama Health Support Center

03-5734-2057, 2065

Suzukakedai Health Support Center



Clinics near campus


Note that the clinics are not in partnership with the university.


Please be sure to check the clinic website prior to your visit as informations are often updated.


Health Support Center