Sanitary Pads for All Who Need Them

As part of Tokyo Tech's student support services, we will start offering free sanitary pads in some female restrooms and accessible toilets across campuses starting in October 2023. This decision follows the two successful one-month trials in December 2022 and in May this year that received positive feedback from both female and male students.
We hope that the program will contribute to enhancing student wellbeing and thus help "create an environment [on campus] where educational and research activities are not restricted by gender or life events," which is part of Tokyo Tech's vision in regards to reaching its diversity and inclusion goals.

The free sanitary pad program has been designed in collaboration with the Student Support Division and student working groups, and will be implemented with the cooperation of the Diversity and Inclusion Section.

Sanitary Pads for All Who Need Them

How the program works

Free sanitary pads, as many as needed, will be available from dispensers in toilet stalls.
The dispensers will be refilled once a day, but may become temporarily out of stock depending on timing.
Damage or malfunction of dispensers, if any, should be reported to the Student Support Division office on Ookayama or Suzukakedai campus. The contact information can be found on the face of the dispenser.
Please send us your comments on this program and/or thoughts on diversity and inclusion initiatives at Tokyo Tech, by filling out the survey form.


Sanitary pad dispensers will be installed in compartments of female restrooms (FR) and accessible toilets (AT) in the following locations.

Ookayama Campus

Taki Plaza, B2F (FR), Floor 1 (AT), Floor 2 (FR)
West Bldg. 5, Floor 2 (FR, AT)
Sports Center, B1F (FR)

Suzukakedai Campus

H1 Bldg., Floor 1 (FR, AT), Floor 2 (FR, AT)

The information is also available via the “Accessibility Map” website:

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