Special medical screening

The special medical screening is provided for those who are exposed to ionizing radiation and/or organic solvents, and those who engage in other specialized research. Students in their senior year and above, including research students, are recommended to take the screening if they belong to such a laboratory. Special medical screening for ionizing radiation are held twice a year in April and October. Special medical screenings for those working with organic solvents and for those conducting other specialized research are scheduled annually in October. Please consult your advisor as to whether or not you are eligible to take the screening.

The special medical screening for ionizing radiation is mandated by the Law Concerning Prevention from Radiation Hazards due to Radio-Isotopes, etc. Those who fall into categories A and B at the training (workshop) held by the Radiation Research and Management Center are required to have this medical screening. Please fill out and hand in the form when taking the screening. You can find the Interview Sheet about Ionizing Radiation here.

Please consult us if you need to have the medical screening on a day other than the scheduled dates. In such a case you will need to visit an off-campus medical institution.


Health Support Center

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