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Super Smart Society Engineering Program

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Master of Engineering
Master of Science
Master of Arts
Doctor of Engineering
Doctor of Science
Doctor of Philosophy
Program Outline
The goal of this program is to nurture young and excellent talents who can play an active parts at the world level to accelerate the construction of “Super Smart Society” where people can live lively and comfortably. In addition, students who learned in this program can form a strong human network regardless of their nationality. Program graduates are expected to be active not only in Japan but also in the world where the realization of “Super Smart Society” is highly desired. This means that excellent young researchers and engineers who completed this program will be the cornerstone of supporting the sustainable growth of the human race. The students will be educated in the Integrated Doctoral Education Program, in which they are expected to study from the master to doctoral education programs continuously for the both degrees. Almost all faculty member belonging to the School of Engineering participate this program. Because their research area is very broad, the applicants should carefully consult with the faculty member who will be the supervisor in advance about the consistency of his/her research theme to the purpose of this program.
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