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Program for Highly-skilled Professionals for a Smart Society Supported by Advanced Materials and Chemical Technology (SSMCT)

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Program Outline
Program for Highly Skilled Professionals for a Smart Society Supported by Advanced Materials and Chemical Technology (SSMCT) aims to train highly educated engineers with excellent international outlook equipped to work for advanced smart societies. The Program graduates will have a wide spectrum of technical knowledge ranging from fundamentals to applications in the fields of advanced materials and chemical technology. They are expected to take roles as leaders in international projects, such as overseas deployments by Japanese companies or development projects by international organizations, and show high degree of creativity and innovative thinking in their respective fields. SSMCT consists of five Graduate Majors in fundamental engineering disciplines aiming at advanced smart societies and related development. The students will be enrolled in one of the Graduate Major and educated under the Integrated Doctoral Education Program, in which they are expected to study from Master to Doctoral programs continuously to obtain both degrees. The Graduate Majors are listed below.
1. Graduate Major in Materials Science and Engineering
2. Graduate Major in Chemical Science and Engineering
3. Graduate Major in Energy Science and Engineering
4. Graduate Major in Human Centered Science and Biomedical Engineering
5. Graduate Major in Nuclear Engineering
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