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International Graduate Program for Life Science and Technology

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Program Outline
The School of Life Science and Technology nurtures students who will be able to contribute to the creation of universal intellectual basis and give it back to the society with an ethical worldview through elucidation of biological mechanisms and through pioneering new engineering applications based on the biological knowlege.

Since 2007, the School of Life Science and Technology (the former Graduate School of Bioscience and Biotechnology) has established an international graduate course for foreign students, especially excellent students from East Asian countries. In 2013, as making advances in this graduate course, we have launched a new international education program including master, doctoral and integrated master's and doctoral education curricula designed to help students cultivate their creativity, learn practical working skills, and improve their English and Japanese capabilities.

In present, our school has two Graduate Majors “Life Science and Technology” and “Human Centered Science and Biomedical Engineering”.

A student select one of them after discussing with his/her supervisor. In this graduate program, we foster international leaders able to develop leading-edge R&D in innovation of science and technology and construct a bridge between Japan and other nations in the future.
IGP(A) is an integrated master's and doctoral education and considered to be the most attractive educational curricula in the School. A student is required to enroll in the Tokyo Tech Master's course firstly, regardless of whether or not they have already earned a Master's degree.
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Life Science and Technology

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