Prospective Students

President's Message to Prospective Students

With science and technology and intellectual sophistication, your possibilities are limitles

Yoshinao MISHIMA,President

Message to Prospective Students from President Yoshinao Mishima

Meet and exceed your expectations

At Tokyo Tech, more than 90% of the graduates go on to pursue a master's degree after undergraduate school. After classes, experiments and research at undergraduate level, students strive for further study.
There are also students from other universities who are interested in studying at Tokyo Tech, attracted by our world-class faculty, cutting-edge experimental facilities and various education and study abroad programs.

To meet and exceed your expectations we are now focusing on education reform to review our education programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Set a target and learn assertively

Yoshinao MISHIMA,President

I would like all our prospective students to think about what your "target" is. With a clear target, you will be able to figure out what skills and knowledge you should acquire.
Science and technology can solve many problems that our future world will face. Chart your future, contributing to the world widely as a young leader in science and technology. Training in our graduate school will be a great place for you to grow toward realizing this aim.