About Tokyo Tech




Tokyo Tech's viewbook provides a multifaceted overview of the Institute (A5 size).


  • Leadership
  • Academics
  • Outreach
  • History
  • Maps


Data Book

The data book provides the latest data and figures about the Institute (A4 size).

Data Book

  • Schools, departments, and research institutes
  • Financial data, staff and student numbers
  • Research and educational programs
  • International collaboration

Tokyo Tech Data Book 2020-2021PDF


Programs Offered for International Students

This brochure introduces academic programs available for international students, including degree and non-degree programs.

Programs Offered for International Students

  • About Tokyo Tech
  • Voices from International Students
  • International Graduate Program (IGP)
  • YSEP (Young Scientist Exchange Program)
  • ACAP (Academic Cooperation Agreement Program)
  • Summer Program
  • Winter Program
  • International Visiting Students (Students from non-partner universities)

Programs Offered for International StudentsPDF

Study at Tokyo Tech

This brochure provides information in English for prospective international students of Tokyo Tech regarding campus life, scholarship programs, exchange and degree programs, accommodations, and much more.

Study at Tokyo Tech

  • The Allure of Tokyo
  • Campus Life
  • Study at Tokyo Tech
  • Life in the Lab
  • Schools, Departments and Institutes
  • Accomodation
  • Student Support

Study at Tokyo TechPDF

International Graduate Program (IGP)

This brochure is a guide for the International Graduate Program (IGP), Master's and Doctoral degree programs conducted in English for International Students. It also outlines each program, shows an admissions schedule, application procedures, and includes the voices of past IGP students.

International Graduate Program (IGP)

  • International Graduate Program
  • Graduate Majors and the Tokyo Tech Education System
  • Application and Admissions Procedures
  • IGP Students' Voice
  • Pre-enrollment Support for International Students
  • Application, Enrollment, and Tuition Fees
  • FAQ

International Graduate Program (IGP)PDF


Tokyo Tech Research 2021-2022

Tokyo Tech Research 2021-2022 introduces an overview of institute's research and the recent high-impact research across numerous science and technology fields.

Tokyo Tech Faces and Findings -stories from the lab-

The series "FACES: Tokyo Tech Researchers,"published on our website,highlights Tokyo Tech members who are at the forefront of their respective fields,engaging in world-leading research with vision and unswerving dedication. These are the stories of how the researchers, often despite many failures, accomplished their goals. (A4 size)

Leaflets on research units

Research units were created to conduct cutting-edge research in small teams led by prominent scientists.

Leaflets describing features and goals of each of the research units are available for download below in both English and Japanese.

Be inspired

Tokyo Tech Bulletin email newsletter

The Tokyo Tech Bulletin is an email newsletter introducing Tokyo Tech's research, education, and student activities.

Illustrated Campus Map

The Campus Map is an illustrated guide to Tokyo Tech's three campuses.

Illustrated Campus Map

  • Location of buildings
  • Campuses
  • Transportation map

Illustrated Campus MapPDF

Tokyo Tech Chronicle

The Tokyo Tech Chronicle, first published in 1969, is a bimonthly summary informing the Tokyo Tech community of past events, activities, and accolades involving its members.

If you would like to see an older back number, please contact the Public Relations Section at publication@jim.titech.ac.jp.