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Application Guides for IGP (C) and (B) Tokyo Tech-RIKEN International School Commencing in September 2021 and Procedure for Application Submission


Published: January 20, 2021

Application guides for overseas applicants to the International Graduate Program (B) [Doctoral Program at Tokyo Institute of Technology-RIKEN International School] and applicants to the International Graduate Program (C) commencing in September 2021 have been released.

Application Period: January 20, 2021–April 15, 2021


[Procedure for Application Submission]

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are currently severe delays in international postal services, and public authorities, academic institutions, etc. have been closed worldwide. As such, Tokyo Tech has decided to accept the submission of application documents for International Graduate Program (B) [Tokyo Tech-RIKEN International School] and (C), commencing in September 2021, only by email.

Please read through the guide before submitting your application by email as some documents must be submitted by persons other than applicants.

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Update : January 20, 2021