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Tokyo Tech first among students at ISUCON13 software tuning contest


Published: February 2, 2024

Team Oritokiya, consisting of Computer Science master's students Ayaka Kinoshita, Ryoji Nagata, and Motoki Abe, have won the student category at ISUCON13, an international software tuning contest held on November 25, 2023. The three students, all members of Digital Creators Club traP ― an official Tokyo Tech student club ― also finished second overall.

Tokyo Tech students achieved this outstanding result at ISUCON for the second consecutive year.

Team Oritokiya members (from left) Abe, Kinoshita, Nagata

Team Oritokiya members (from left) Abe, Kinoshita, Nagata

ISUCON, also known as the Iikanjini Speed Up Contest, was held for the thirteenth time in 2023. Managed by LY Corporation, the contest attracted 694 teams from around the world, including 78 student teams. Each team, consisting of one to three members, aimed to speed up and optimize a particular web application to its limits within a set of regulations.

In addition to the outstanding achievement by Team Oritokiya, Tokyo Tech alumni Team NaruseJun took overall first place.

Team Oritokiya members

  • Ayaka Kinoshita, 2nd-year master's student, Computer Science
  • Ryoji Nagata, 2nd-year master's student, Computer Science
  • Motoki Abe, 1st-year master's student, Computer Science

Comments from team member Ryoji Nagata

Winning first place among students and second place overall at ISUCON13 is a testament to our teamwork and technical skills. The ability to accurately assess the current situation, analyze the causes, propose solutions, and communicate these proposals succinctly and logically ― all skills we have honed at Tokyo Tech ― was essential to our teamwork.

What is Digital Creators Club traP?

Digital Creators Club traP, an official Tokyo Tech Student Club, was established in April 2015 with the aim of producing digital content in teams and sharing techniques and technology with others. The club focuses on various activities including app and game creation, digital and audio content creation, illustration, 3D computer graphics, competitive programming, and cybersecurity capture the flag competitions. traP shares its knowledge through various public engagement activities, including game creation exchange events such as Game^3, and programming classes for middle and high school students.


Professor Shin-ya Nishizaki
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