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Laboratory for Design of Social Innovation in Global Networks (DLab)

Laboratory for Design of Social Innovation in Global Networks (DLab)

Developments in science and technology offer us infinite possibilities for a better tomorrow. By gauging the needs and desires of society through dialogue with the public, and by designing our future together, Tokyo Tech's Laboratory for Design of Social Innovation in Global Networks (DLab) aims to create a brighter, more prosperous world.

DLab hosts workshops and other events that initiate friendly, sincere discussions on future society among Tokyo Tech faculty, staff, students, alumni, and members of the public. Once an image of "the future we want" has been established, DLab seeks out and openly shares elements required to realize this image, encouraging society to progress together towards shared goals.

DLab: Facilitating the creation of a future image

DLab takes into account current issues in contemporary society, scrutinizes tomorrow's potential changes and problems, and identifies both existing and new science and technology, and relevant policies, deemed necessary to realize the future we want to create. By backcasting from the established image to the present, society can carve out the path that leads us to a better future.

Designing an image of the future must be done together. Tokyo Tech offers deep insight and analysis rooted in academic wisdom, but also invites experts from outside the Institute to help visualize global expectations, inject into the mix solid science and technology-related data, and propose perspectives in terms of policy research and solutions. For us to envisage our world 30 to 50 years from now, the participation of young people — high school and university students — is imperative, as is the engagement of Tokyo Tech alumni and other citizens with a passion for change.

Formulating this image

Structure of DLab

Structure of DLab

DLab activities revolve around three components.

  • Team Imagine – Tokyo Tech members and experienced professionals representing the public conceptualize images of a prosperous future society
  • Buzz Session – Members within and outside the Institute openly brainstorm images of future society in workshops and other events
  • Team Create – Members with a broad range of specializations tailor cogent, compelling images of the future, offering scenarios based on strong technical and analytical foundations

While each of these groups has a specific role, together they complete a holistic approach that enables the creation of an inclusive, desirable future society. This combination of processes is repeated cyclically, and the images that emerge are shared openly with the public.

Realizing this image

How can Tokyo Tech contribute to realizing this image? Concrete measures include creating new academic disciplines, strengthening relationships with and offering proposals to stakeholders, sharing information at home and abroad through various media, and supporting initiatives involving fundraising and crowdfunding.

By approaching the process openly, DLab and Tokyo Tech, together with the public, can create the impact required to realize a richer, more prosperous future society for us all.


Laboratory for Design of
Social Innovation in Global Networks

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