Relationship between Schools, Departments, and Majors

In April 2016, Tokyo Tech became the first university in Japan to establish Schools that encompass undergraduate and graduate education. Schools offer seamless curricula between bachelor's and master's programs and master's and doctoral programs. Right from enrollment, students can clearly envision the possible academic paths that may be taken, allowing them to make diverse choices and challenges according to their interests and pursuits.

Education facilitating students' interest in research

Bachelor's degree students at each school start their academic life inquiring into diverse fields of study. They then go on to join a department of their choice in the following year and start their undergraduate major studies. For graduate students, a wide range of choices is available to deepen their research and help steer toward their envisioned future.

Undergraduate students have a year to explore before deciding on a department.
Following that, students may then deepen their expertise through a graduate major.

Students are awarded a diploma upon completion of each degree level. Entry into a master's program requires passing an entrance exam. Entry into a doctoral program requires passing a screening. Applications from outside Tokyo Tech are also accepted.
The tables below describe how first-year studies, undergraduate majors, and graduate majors are related to one another, indicating the standard ways in which students may progress. Students advancing to graduate studies can, however, apply to a different department or school.

School of Science

School of Engineering

School of Materials and Chemical Technology

School of Computing

School of Life Science and Technology

School of Environment and Society


The above tables show the standard academic progress through the various levels of study.

If certain requirements have been met, students may take more diverse paths such as switching school or department, or graduating early.


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